Learning the Korean language has been next to impossible for me. Always.

I suppose most of it has to do with how poorly it is romanized (or represented in the English language). But it’s no wonder since, Korean and English are almost completely unrelated in the vast lingual family tree.

The languages that could match Korean’s “DNA” is either Japanese or Chinese. Since I do not know the latter, but can just about get away with Japanese* I think i’ll use Japanese as a good base point.

Hangul represented by Japanese sounds (as opposed to English sounds)

Sounds good, so far…

Now to learn how the hangul compounds, and how it sounds relative to that…


All speakers of related languages should be taught their language of study in their secondary language instead of the default English (unless it is related to English). It’s logical, is it not?

Here’s Katakana (for shits and giggles).

But i’d avoid it, since Katakana can be visually similar in style to Hangul.

Now off I go to learn Korean. Finally!

Download a Nihonno Hangul chart (Excel format)

*I say this because I managed to survive 1 month in Japan by using mostly Japanese (in Kyoto, Osaka, Nagoya, and Chita).