About three years ago, I started to research on human altruism under the guidance of the psychology department at my college. I must have been 18 or 19 at the time.

The introduction reads:

Does altruism exist? Or is it just a myth amongst humans? It’s still a shock that still to this day there is no general consensus within psychologist on the existence of altruism. I plan to challenge certain ideas, such as the Darwinian idea of Natural Selection and to draw scientific conclusions and discover new principals that would hopefully clear the cloud that has shrouded this topic for prospective researchers like me. Since there is much confusion and a flux in the definition, this write up will therefore include a wide variety of fields such as mathematics, economics, anthropology, sociology, biology and psychology in the hope to discover the true meaning of Altruism. Hopefully, this will help to understand and investigate the reasons for the science behind morality by creating lucidity in the field.

Under their discretion, I had produced a video of one session.



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