Breakdown: NEP V PHI (What went wrong?)

Note: Nepal under Raju Kaji Shakya has been different. I’ve provided video analysis of the game so that perhaps Nepal could learn from the mistakes made and grow into a better team from this. For more info please contact:

Let’s begin.

Too many players playing in close proximity. Not enough space covered. Allowed Azkal players to find space.


The second goal was not of Nepal’s fault. This was the poor decision of the linesman who failed to spot an obvious offside. The goal should have been disallowed.


Second Angle:


Nepal needed to protest to the referee by flailing their arms. But they accepted the decision.

Of course, from there on Nepal had indeed lost the momentum of the game and were forced to chase. Nepal needed to get back into focus, but this clearly wasn’t happening as they were making silly mistakes.

Our midfield had to return to defensive position, because there were far to many empty pockets of space for the Azkals to get away with. This could be prevented by moving Midfield players back down as soon as the ball is heading down your side.


Now let’s look at some offensive play. When Nepal had the ball in the box, there were several options. The best would be to pass the ball back to the side, then get in line for the cross. Effectively having 3 red shirts in the box area. As opposed to just 1. The more red shirts in box = better chance for red goal. 


This did not happen, as he waited far too long for Anil Gurung to be in a better positions and as a result, got tackled and wasted the opportunity.

There was another striking opportunity, which Jumanu Rai squandered. He had a good option to pass it to his right side, where no one was marking the striker. Instead, he chose to strike the ball himself which was off target, weak, and hopeless! EXPLORE YOUR OPTIONS!


After a corner kick, Nepal gets another striking chance. But it was wasted again by a poor choice. Philippines defensive lines are poor, as you can see. No one is marking one striker, they are all bunched up in one tight area. Nepal has the options, Nepal has the space. Why didn’t we capitalise on these chances?


Nepal had a sudden defensive lapse as they failed to mark several strikers. Notice the bottom striker moving into the crossing position. So he can cross the ball when he gets it. They all need to be marked, or tackled. Safe passes like this CANNOT be allowed to happen.


Yet another scoring opportunity was handed to Nepal on a plate. But it did not materialise, as options were not explored.

Pass to players with the most space, move forward quickly, get as many red shirts in the box, and CROSS THE BALL INTO THE BOX. This creates pressure on Philippines side, and makes it highly likely to score a goal.


Now, this was probably Nepal’s nicest bits of play. A header into the midfield, then a cheeky pass right down the side of the Azkal’s pitch (which no blue shirts were!). This would have been a great chance if it wasn’t ruined by a very poor shot, which headed into past the line. Here are the options:


As you can see, this winning formula resulted in a 2-0 lead for the Philippines.


Get players in the box, then cross. No one is in the box when this cross goes ahead… why??NEPAL13



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