University of Edinburgh – M.ScR Integrative Neuroscience – September 2017

Key subjects:

  • Neurodevelopmental Disorders – Patrick Wild Centre, University of Edinburgh
  • Imaging: Techniques and physics
  • Imaging: Applications in disease research

University of Westminster B.Sc honours in Cognitive Neuroscience – July 2015

Key subjects:

  • Neuropharmacology of Cognition
  • The Sensory Brain
  • Memory & Executive Function
  • Origins of Communication to Modern Human Language
  • Psychophysiology
  • Music & The Mind
  • Advanced Neuroscience
  • Biopsychology
  • Advanced Research Methods

Final Year Personal Project – Cortical Steganography: A Novel Approach To Multifactor Authentication Through Sensorimotor Coupled Implicit Learning (Silvanto Lab, Faculty of Science & Technology)

As the study was designed purely by myself, various technical skills and soft skills was developed and refined during the course of the project. These include: Programming, laboratory experience, problem solving, experimental design, literature search and review, counterbalancing, participant recruitment, data collection, analysis, and statistical adjustments.

Areas of development: Include pattern classification methods for a specific biomarker in ERP data (as new biometric model for authentication). Increase participant numbers, study on one cluster type.

Discoveries and research:  Target sequence performance advantage was also found to increase from session 1 to session 2 by 52.3% in the trained group. While in the untrained group, Target sequence performance advantage decreased across sessions by 27.8%.

Continual Professional Development:  

MagStim: TMS and Cognition Masterclass – University of Oxford

UCL Advances: UCREATE – University College London


Behavioural Lab, London Business School                 

Ad Hoc Research Assistant Apr 2015 –

University of Westminster                  

Digital Communications Assistant for the Students’ Union Jul 2014-15

2014 Incheon Asian Games                          

Contributing writer Jun-Oct 14

TEDMEDLive Imperial College 

Communications Assistant/Live blogger April 2013

British Psychological Society 

Big Bang Fair: EEG/CanTab Show floor Assistant March 2013

Institut Français du Royaume-Uni 

Médiathèque & Culturethèque Communications Volunteer Sept 2012

Mencap Ealing 

Teaching assistant/lecturer Nov 2011-12


Computer Languages: C#, Visual Basic, LaTeX, CSS, HTML, PHP, SQL

Scientific Applications: MatLab, ePrime, SPM, PRoNTo, SPSS, FreeSurfer, Texmaker

Research: Literature review, Experimental design, Data analysis, Presentation

Continual Professional Development:

  • MagStim Neurostim Academy 2016 (TMS workshop) – University College London
  • CS50 London Hackathon – University College London
  • UCL Advances: U-CREATE – University College London
  • MagStim: TMS and Cognition Masterclass – University of Oxford


BBC News  Appearance on panel for the Victoria Derbyshire Show (14/05/15) May 2015

National Union of Students – Elected Delegate, Westminster Mar 2015

University of Westminster Cognitive Science Society – Founder, Chair Sep 2011-12

Westminster Science Festival – Department of Psychology Representative Nov 2013

The Quintin Hogg (The QH) – Science columnist, News editor Sep 2013-14


British Science Association  British Science Festival Bursary Award  Jun 2014

University of Westminster Students’ Union – Employee of the Year (Nominated) Mar 2015

UW Faculty of Science & Technology – International Bioscience Game Project (2nd) May 2015

Guarantors of Brain Oxford Autumn School in Cognitive Neuroscience Travel bursary   Sept 2016


Journalism, Piano, Violin, Astrophotography, Aviation, Programming, Sports, Science