H+ Isolation


Introducing H+ Isolation, a beautiful award-winning 3D stealth game combined with a 2D puzzles rooted in biochemistry. H+ intends to introduce 2 main concepts around synthetic biology and transhumanism for a rich educational outcome.

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This game was developed as part of a 10-week international student collaboration project (and 3 day hackathon) with Graz University of Technology, hosted by the University of Westminster.

The aim of the project is to provide the opportunity to students in different disciplines and levels at the University of Westminster in UK and MSc games development students from the Institute for Information Systems and Computer Media (IICM) at Graz University of Technology, Austria to work together for the development and a game (or a game concept) and via this process develop technical and creative skills, as well as transferable skills valuable for professional development. As part of the project students will be grouped in teams and will receive assistance from academics at the University of Westminster and Graz University of Technology to develop a game or a game concept that can be developed to any level, from a paper prototype to a complete game. The communication and collaboration between team members in UK and Austria will be remotely. Teams will meet in the same physical place and work towards the end of the project when the students from Graz UT will visit the University of Westminster in London. A 3 days games hackathon will be organised ad run on May 27, 28 and 29 2015, where the students will finalise their project and they will present their idea to a panel. The best presentation will receive an award. Project prototypes could be developed further and teams could take part in competitions. It is also possible that project ideas could be developed further as final projects (as part of the BSc Multimedia Computing, BSc Games development or MSc Multimedia Computing degrees).

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– Credits –

Lead developer: Patrick Weiner (Graz University of Technology)

Developer, 3D Modelling: Phil Gosch (Graz University of Technology)

Developer, Biobrick Puzzle design: Ash Chetri (University of Westminster)

2D Graphics, Video Editing: Melissa Gonzalez (University of Westminster)

Concept co-designer, STEM in Education department: Syeda Rizvi (University of Westminster)